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Our 2017 winner. Apply to be our 2019 winner here


Sharing how to spot and how to help people with eating disorders. Offering this lecture to Lakeland High School students every year during Health Classes.

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Scholarships and Programs

The Britt Perrotta Sommerfield Trust supports two different scholarship programs.

The first is a memorial scholarship that is given out annually at Britt’s alma mater, Lakeland High School, to a graduating Senior. The application criteria for this scholarship is modeled after Britt’s tenure at Lakeland and each recipient holds an above average grade point average, participates in extracurricular activities, seeks charitable endeavors, and often has other exemplary traits. (1)

The second scholarship program supports recovery programs for people seeking treatment for their eating disorders. Most of the recipients of this scholarship program are seeking treatment at Britt & TJ’s Place in Jackson (through Ahealingplace.com). This program will help people struggling with eating disorders pay for counseling, nutritionists, and other treatments or support. (2)

Since 2009 we have given out over $60,000 through our scholarship programs.

We also provide community education and currently visit Lakeland High School’s freshman health classes twice a year. Through this program we discuss eating disorders, warning signs to watch for in others, and have discussions surrounding misleading media advertisements. We also share Britt’s story, discuss healthy coping mechanisms for stress, and talk about treatment options for eating disorders. We hope to grow this program and reach more students in order to share the dangers of eating disorders.


(1) Applications for scholarship are available at Lakeland high school

(2) Applications for scholarship are available at Britt & TJ's Place

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